Covid-19: high-risk FAQs

We understand that this troubling time may have added confusion for patients around what isolation measures they need to take. There has been a lot of information from the government for patients and the practice to process over the last few weeks.

Further information can be found on the pages below

Covid-19: high-risk patients

Covid-19: support for vulnerable patients

The below FAQs are provided to help with some of the more common questions

How have patients at highest risk been identified?

Doctors and NHSE have identified certain at-risk groups they feel put patients at higher risk of complications from Covid-19 infections. 

Further details of these at risk groups can be found at

These include

  1. Solid organ transplant recipients.
  2. People with specific cancers:
  3. People with severe respiratory conditions 
  4. People with rare diseases of metabolism 
  5. People on immunosuppression therapies 
  6. Women who are pregnant with significant heart disease

How will I be notified?

Patients who were identified centrally by NHS England will have received letters directly from NHS England. 

Further work is continually being carried out by the practice and patients will be notified by letter from the practice. 

I haven’t received a letter; how can I tell if I am a high-risk patient?

A member of staff can check if you are flagged on the system as a shielding patient. If you haven’t received a letter this may still be on its way to you. 

I have been told I am not flagged on the system as high-risk, but I feel I should be.

A call back can be booked with a clinician to discuss your risk level further

If I am at high risk what action must I take?

The safest course of action is for you to stay at home at all times and avoid all face-to-face contact for at least twelve weeks from today, except from carers and healthcare workers who you must see as part of your medical care. 

What help can I receive if I am high risk?

Patients can expect help with

  • Groceries – this can include priority shopping if already registered with a shopping service as well as a government-led weekly parcel of essentials
  • Medicines – support with receiving medicines if shielding
  • GP services – we will be running specific clinics to provide services for shielded patients when needed
  • Emotional or social support

How can I access help and support?

Patients in the high risk category should register on the government website call 0800 028 8327

Patients who are vulnerable but not in the high risk category can still find support on the following websites by contacting 0300 123 5034 (9am-5pm 7 days a week)

If you need help from the benefit system visit 

Can I access any help for mental health support?

You can find additional advice and support from Every Mind Matters and the NHS mental health and wellbeing advice website.

Can I get help and support with volunteers?

We can put you in touch with additional support services in the area. 

You can also register for support with government and local services

  • Cheshire East – 0300 123 5034 (9am-5pm 7 days a week)
  • – 0800 028 8327