Covid-19: update on services at Chelford Surgery

Service Changes at Chelford Surgery

updated 23rd November 2020

We are continually updating our services at Chelford Surgery while responding to current guidance on COVID-19. Our principles throughout these changes are to be able to provide appropriate care services for patients while maintaining patient and staff safety during this pandemic. On behalf of all the staff at Chelford, we would like to thank patients for their continued understanding and patience during these uncertain times.

Reception reopening

As of the 23rd of November we have reopened our reception area. This is to allow patients to come in to the building to collect prescriptions, let reception know they have arrived for an appointment and book appointments.

  • Patients must wear a facemask at all times in the building unless exempt.
  • Only 3 patients will be allowed to queue for reception at any one time.
  • Patients who have arrived in a car for an appointment will be kindly asked to wait in their vehicle as before.
  • Patients who have walked will have space to wait in reception but this will be limited to 2 patients at a time.
  • Access for appointment will still be through our back entrance which leads directly to our clinical rooms.

It is really important to note that, in order to reduce viral-load, measures have been put in place to reduce the length of time of exposure between patients and staff.

Online consultations and access

  • Online consultations via the eConsult portal continue to be a convenient way for you to discuss non-urgent matters with clinicians.
  • Responses can be expected by the next working day.
  • Please continue to order prescriptions and check blood test results online where possible. If you need to register online please follow the link here

Telephone appointments

  • We are continuing to focus on a telephone based appointment system in the first instance. These aren’t pre-bookable and patients are asked to ring on the day from 8am to arrange a telephone appointment with a nurse or a GP for that day.
  • After 3pm we will only be accepting urgent phone calls and patients with non-urgent problems will be asked to ring back the next day.
  • Please note, due to staff availability and significant changes in working patterns, it may not always be possible to have your consultation with your preferred clinician.

Face to face appointments

  • Face-to-face appointments are available to all patients, but you may be asked to discuss your conditions over the phone or online first to assess what would be most appropriate for you
  • Please note, we are running with significantly fewer face-to-face appointments than we would have previously done in view of the difficulties with infection control; staff availability and need to wear PPE during examinations.
  • Timing of face-to-face appointments are less flexible than usual as we have to provide staggered appointments for shielded patients, routine cases and urgent cases. This is to ensure we help to prevent infection issues in vulnerable individuals
  • Your wait may be longer due to the clinician needing to change in to appropriate PPE.
  • In some circumstances you may be asked to attend another surgery. We are working with other practices to provide certain services and help prevent cross-infection.

Blood pressure, weight checks and peak flow readings.

  • As mentioned, repeat appointments and exposure play a significant role in viral load and risk of developing symptoms and complications of covid-19
  • We would ask now that all patients look at ways they can provide observational data from the safety of their own home by purchasing necessary equipment for their personal use.
  • This includes blood pressure readings, weight and height measurements, peak flow readings for asthmatics and even oxygen saturation readings when necessary.
  • We appreciate that this involves a personal cost to patients, but these monitors can be bought for reasonable prices online or in supermarkets. We do believe that this offers a safer solution for patients and staff to share measurements with clinicians and reducing repeat exposure at the practice.
  • Readings can be posted or sent in electronically using eConsult on the Chelford Surgery website.

Current services being provided at Chelford Surgery

  • Clinical reviews
  • Medication reviews
  • Phlebotomy services by prior arrangement
  • Childhood vaccinations
  • Cervical smear screening
  • Asthma reviews              
    • Patients will initially be sent out a text message/letter with plans for a follow up review where needed
  • COPD reviews  
    • Patients will initially be sent out a text message/letter with plans for a follow up review where needed
  • Diabetes reviews
    • Patients will be encouraged to send in their own results and attend for a blood test. After the results have been received and follow up phone call may be required.
  • Hypertension reviews
    • Patients will be encouraged to send in their own results and follow up arranged where needed